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Heating & A/C Repair

If you’ve ever gotten up to go to work and found the heater or AC in your car wasn’t working, you know just how essential to the comfort of your ride these systems are. The days in Valley City, OH can get as cold in the winter as they do hot in the summer, and absolutely no one should be subject to the same frigid or sweltering temperatures that exist outside their car while driving. Whether your heater and AC isn’t working at all, isn’t working as well as it once did, or you just want to make sure that things are on the up-and-up before the next season’s weather starts, bring your vehicle into the heating and AC experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube.

Heating & AC Service in Valley City & Brunswick, OH

At Rapid Wrench & Lube in Valley City, OH, we are at the top of the heating and AC service game. When you bring your car in for heating and AC service, we inspect the three main pieces of your vehicle’s heating and AC system. These are the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator, and these three pieces work together, with the aid of refrigerant gas, to heat or cool the interior of your vehicle. During your recommended annual heating and AC system check-up, we inspect all three components and recharge your refrigerant gas when necessary. Making sure your heating and AC are working before the start of winter or summer is the best time for these annual check-ups.

Heating & AC Repair in Valley City & Brunswick, OH

If you haven’t kept up with your annual heat and AC service or something has gone wrong, you may find yourself needing heating and AC repair. Things like clogged filters or fans or issues with the condenser can cause your heat and AC system to either not work well or even at all. Low levels of refrigerant gas in your system can also cause problems for your heating and AC system. If you find yourself in a vehicle without a working heater or AC, or one that isn’t working as it should, don’t delay in getting it in front of the experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

While heating and AC service and repair might not seem as essential as brake or transmission repair, it is vital to your vehicle’s drivability. Driving in freezing or sweltering conditions without a working heating and AC system isn’t going to be a good time and could even be dangerous in extreme temperatures. So, if you're heating and AC system isn’t working or you simply want to make sure your system is in good shape for the season ahead, bring your vehicle to the heating and AC experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube

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