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When temperatures rise, there's nothing more refreshing than climbing into a

cool, air-conditioned car in the summer, so when things go wrong don't sweat, call today and we can get you cruising the summer days again in cool comfort.

The winters can be brutal in Brunswick, Ohio. So don't get stuck out in the cold.

Just as things go wrong with you AC, they can also go wrong with your heater.

The potential issues with the AC system are:

  • Low refrigerant (will generally blow cool, but not cold)
  • Damaged compressor
  • Damaged compressor clutch
  • Damaged expansion valve
  • Damaged evaporator
  • Worn or stretched serpentine belt (required to operate the compressor and clutch)


The potential issues for the heating system not to work include the following:

  • Low coolant
  • Air in the coolant system
  • Malfunctioning heater core
  • Failed (or failing) thermostat
Call today to make an appointment with our ASE-certified technician.

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