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Engine Repair

If you imagine your car as a human body, the engine would be the heart. Your car’s engine, while powerful, is a delicate and finely-tuned instrument. Your engine is responsible for not just getting your vehicle from point A to point B, but also to power nearly every system and device in your entire vehicle. You wouldn’t trust heart surgery to just anyone, so why would you bring your car for engine service or repair to anyone but the ASE-Certified engine experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube?

Engine Replacement Valley City & Brunswick, OH

Regular engine service, recommended about every six months, is more than essential to your vehicle’s longevity. At Rapid Wrench & Lube, we are more than happy to work with you on building an engine maintenance plan, where we will inspect your entire engine at regular intervals. This will include oil and fluid inspections, filter inspections and replacements, component inspections, and, when necessary, engine repairs. Drivers who keep up with their regular engine service generally see their cars not only last longer but also drive better throughout their lives.

Engine Service & Repair Valley City & Brunswick, OH

Your car’s engine is a highly complex piece of machinery, and even with regular upkeep, eventually, it is going to have issues. Engine problems usually rear their ugly heads with the check engine light’s activation, but knocking, bad smells or even black exhaust could all be signs you require engine repair. If your check engine light has been activated, it can be easy to ignore it. You’ve got things to do and places to be, right? But ignoring this warning could spell even more trouble for your engine in the future. Don’t let a small engine repair problem become a huge – and expensive – one; if your dashboard warning light is lit, let the engine experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube have a look.

Engine Service & Engine Repair Near Me

The heart of your vehicle – the engine – needs attention, just like your brakes and transmission. Unlike those systems, though, without a working engine, your car is basically a couch with doors. Keep your engine in great shape with regular maintenance from Rapid Wrench & Lube, and if you are having engine troubles, we are happy to diagnose and handle that for you too. For all things engine service and repair trust the ASE-Certified experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube. Make an appointment today.

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