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When you are driving, there is only one contact point between you and the road below you – your tires. Your car’s tires need to be well-maintained, and in good shape each and every time you leave the driveway. And this doesn’t just mean the treads. Sure, driving on bald tires is a bad idea, but what about misaligned ones? Also a bad idea. If you are driving around on bald, deflated, misaligned or generally old tires, bring your vehicle to the tire experts at Rapid Wrench & Lube. We will get you back on the road, safely and quickly, with whatever tire services your car may need

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Tires Valley City & Brunswick, OH

If it has to do with tires, the Rapid Wrench & Lube experts have seen it and fixed it thousands of times. We are proud to offer a full slate of tire services, from brand new tires to tire repair and maintenance. How can you tell if you need new tires? There is a simple test you can do yourself. Take a penny and place it between the treads of your tires. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, your tire treads have worn, and you may require new tires sooner rather than later. Though worn treads can often require new tires, some tire damage can be fixed. If you’ve picked up a nail or screw on the streets of Valley City & Brunswick, OH, we can usually patch your tire without having to replace it. No matter what your tire needs, the technicians at Rapid Wrench & Lube have got you covered.

Wheel Alignment Valley City & Brunswick, OH

Driving on bald or damaged tires is foolhardy, sure, but driving on misaligned tires isn’t much better. Having aligned wheels means that all four of the vehicle’s wheels are perfectly lined up and angled to hit the road simultaneously and at the same angle. Misaligned wheels will cause the car to drift while driving straight and can cause uneven wear on tires. At Rapid Wrench & Lube in Brunswick, OH our wheel alignment experts will get your wheels straightened up and have you back out the door in no time.

Alignment Near Me

When the rubber meets the road, there simply is no better place for wheels and tires than . From new tires to tire services to wheel alignments, Rapid Wrench & Lube has the ASE-Certified experts on hand to get you rolling again. So if your wheels and tires need some attention, make an appointment with  today!



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